MYSafezone presents a variety of the most innovative and advanced systems for tracking and monitoring of various types of assets and of people.

All of the hardware devices are small, durable and easy to install. The complementary software enable online tracking and monitoring anywhere in the world, receiving alerts automatically on complex events to the destination of your choice (Email/ SMS/ reports), and much more.

Fuel EYE Monitoring System

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Zeppos by starcom system is an advanced employee management application which brings the advantages of Starcom’s hardware solutions to your cell-phones,smartwatches and tablets.


Kylos is a real time tracking and monitoring solutions for the protectionand management of any portable offers an automatic remote track and trace features and continuous control of your assets.


Helios – Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Fleet Management
The most sophisticated tracking device for vehicle, driver safety and fleet management.

Starcom Systems presents an innovative integration of stability and cutting-edge technical features, making the Helios the most advanced AVL system today for fleet and driver management.The Helios provides solutions to meet every fleet manager or driver needs by allowing you to configure custom alerts for which you will receive in Real-Time. With Real-Time information at your fingertips, you can immediately and continuously monitor your beloved motorbike or better manage your vehicle fleets, granting you total control of every possible circumstance 24/7.


The Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking GPS Solution for Dry and Refrigerated (Reefers)

Containers – So that the most reliable and efficient delivery, from origin to destination is made possible!

The Tetis R container tracking system by Starcom Systems provides ongoing monitoring of your container through all stations and checkpoints on its journey from the factory to the customer. Whether dry storage or reefer, land or sea, the container tracking system will watch over your goods as it moves from one location to another, regardless of distance or transportation method.


A revolution in security: WatchLock- The reporting lock

Starcom Systems joins forces with Mul-T-Lock, daughter company of Assa- Abloy Brand group and a worldwide leader in High Security solutions, to bring you a high-quality, uncompromising product that will provide the solution for your real needs.

WatchLock combines Mul-T-Lock’s High Security padlock and an electronic alarm system from Starcom Systems. This is an intelligent integration of security with real-time alert and lock tracking from anywhere to anywhere.